About us


Ziptiez Race Supply is a small apparel company devoted to ending horrible tasteless car shirts. Started in 2015 by two Car guys in South Florida, Ziptiez Is devoted to same quality and performance that goes into a car by putting that passion into designs and branding. We know you love your car so why not show that love for your car with a shirt that doesn't say "built not bought" but instead wear a brand that stand for the same concept. We love to make mischief  building and racing and so should you. or Direct Message us at  




We focus strongly on great customer service and making a community. We want to make sure as a customer you get what you need and are happy with your purchase and if you had a problem that we fit it. 


Quality Goods is also a big concern. we make sure our shirts are printed with the best ink that resist washes and is light and breathable. To assure our customers are comfortable no matter what. 


Why "Ziptiez" ? Ziptiez Fix everything and every problem. So why not fix the badly designed shirt problem and make a brand for every car guy ,not just for stance and not just drifters but for people who love cars.