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Clean Culture: Pocono Raceway

What are hills? The Ziptiez team road tripped up to Pennsylvania to participate in one of the largest and most entertaining shows Clean Culture has to offer. Our first time experiencing the wonders of "high" altitude and low humidity was a treat to our Florida based-brand. While we stayed cool and enjoyed the weather, the spectators hustled around the track, hot-blooded and jittery with the essence of corn fuel and burnt rubber lingering through the venue.

The summertime event drew out some of the most dedicated and hardworking members of the car scene, with lines forming outside the raceway as early as 8am. Drifting to the left, two-stepping the right... it was a car enthusiast's paradise. When stance made its way to the U.S, the tri-state area blossomed with negative degrees and rocket bunny kits. From Subaru to Volkswagen, creative and unique takes on automotive stance shined in the summer heat on the track. A potpourri of events, spectators and vendors got a little bit of everything at the Pocono Raceway. Clean Culture started July off with a bang, and the Ziptiez team will definitely trek up those hills next summer to re-attend the event.

The quality of the builds for the Northern Clean Culture chapter surprise and delighted our photographers, and content creators. As always, we would like to thank Nick Terzo and George Melita for putting on a spectacular event. We would also like to thank Black Ops Performance who trekked all the way up from Orlando, Florida. They accompanied us and we felt at home with their company being so far away from home. Check out our next blog with some Euro action from the East coast!



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