Waterfest, the not-so-ordinary Euro Show

Waterfest, the not-so-ordinary Euro Show

What large automotive event did Englishtown sponsor this past weekend, you ask? Waterfest, of course! Spectators gathered as early as 9am to await the opening of the gates at 11am, creating a line of Euro cars from all generations and creative styles. Spectators and drivers flocked from all over, with 1/3 of the crowd driving straight from Canada. 

Englishtown offered the chance to race your car, testing to see if you had the 10 second dream machine. If drag racing wasn't in your agenda, cars lined up for show in booths or the lot. With sponsors like Bag Riders and Forge Auto, spectators could purchase from vendors while checking out each of the booth cars. The heat didn't effect spectators, as hundreds flooded in and got their fill of European Automotives and catching up with friends they hadn't seen since last season’s Waterfest.

To end the warm Saturday evening, Afterfest took place. The after show of Waterfest included limbo, two stepping and of course, burnouts. Sponsored by Eurokracy, the Canadian Car enthusiasts, they encouraged all types of cars to participate in each event. Burnouts took place between Mk6 GTIs and Mk2 Jetta Coupes, while limbo drew all sorts of cars from each generation to prove who could go the lowest.

Nothing but good attitudes and sheer happiness incorporated Waterfest this past weekend. A huge thank you to Englishtown for sponsoring this event once more, and a big shout out to Eurokracy for hosting yet another rowdy Afterfest. Can't wait to see what next year brings!

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